04 November 2014

After months and months of scouring Trademe and NZMCD, we have some helpful advice to pass onto sellers that will make it faster, easier and more likely that a buyer will purchase your motorhome / caravan / bus / truck.

In fact, we've compiled this into a prompt list below, so that you can simply replace the information that is relevant to your mobile home and post your listing. ie a caravan won't have seat belts but a motorhome will - use your common sense!


When making a purchasing decision of value, people will often subconsciously stop if they encounter a barrier or something that they do not know.  Providing as much detail as possible gives the buyer the power to make the right choice for them.  It's a win-win situation.



  • Brand & model
  • Year & country of manufacture
  • Whether imported and when
  • License plate
  • Odometer reading
  • WOF or COF & whether current
  • Gross vehicle mass & class of driver's license required (if other than class 1)
  • Length and height (note with a caravan it is useful to detail the overall length from towball to rear as well as from front to back of caravan housing)
  • Category for road user charges; and how many km unused
  • Type of engine & fuel
  • Brand & type of gearbox (manual or automatic) 
  • Air brakes?
  • Does it have a towball to tow another vehicle?  If so, what weight can it pull - unbraked and braked?



  • Number of seatbelts (lap or angle?), and positions
  • Berths (number of beds there are) - permanent or night-only
  • Self contained for how many people?



  • Generator?
  • 12v?
  • Solar?
  • Mains only?
  • Inverter / charger?
  • Number of house batteries and amperage | Isolating switch to motor?
  • Battery monitors?
  • Gas?
  • Carbon monoxide / gas detectors
  • Warrant of Electrical Fitness date?



  • Post lots of photos
  • Colours inside / outside (you may think these are self-evident from the photos but often they are not)
  • Layout (if possible sketch a floor plan - this really does help)
  • Type of window, floor & wall coverings
  • Headroom ie height from floor to ceiling
  • Entry door on left or right side



  • Size of fridge / freezer and what power sources it runs on
  • Number of burners on stove or cooktop
  • Grill / full oven
  • Microwave?
  • Other electrical appliances?
  • Water filter?



  • Sizes
  • Does each bed have a light?  Shelf? Power point?
  • Doors that close off sleeping area?



  • Shower / bath / shub
  • Extraction fan
  • Type of toilet | Number of cassettes 
  • Fresh, grey and black water capacities
  • Monitors for water?
  • Method of water heating
  • Washing machine?



  • TV?
  • Freeview box?
  • Satellite?
  • Stereo / dvd player?



  • What type of extra storage there is inside and out.  Try to give an idea of size by either dimensions or what you have had stored in there ie 2 external lockers 1.2m long x 0.7 deep and 0.6m tall each side in front of the rear wheels - where we've had a folding trestle table, chairs, wheel blocks, tool kit and motorhome washing equipment
  • Awning?  Ceiling and sides?  Size?  Extra features like 2 rooms, mesh screens, double doors etc
  • Anything extra that is new / modified / different
  • External shower or bbq?
  • Reversing camera?
  • Special side vision mirrors & over-riders / stabilisers perhaps for a caravan?


TIP 1:

If you have a current listing and potential buyers are contacting you with the same questions about your vehicle, add those answers to your main listing.  This will save you time in the long run.


TIP 2:

Buyers, use the above as a checklist for the vehicles you are researching.  We've often compared 2 vehicles in a table/spreadsheet this way and it is VERY, VERY USEFUL to be able to compare one vehicle directly to another.

16 September 2014


Whether you are travelling from house-sit to house-sit, touring in a motorhome or caravan, back-packing, tenting or anything in between, you'll want to know where to pick up any extra outdoor camping, automotive or hardware equipment that you find you just can't do without on the journey.  


Remember though that you will have to stash it somewhere so think twice about your purchase.


GENERAL OUTDOOR AND HOUSEWARES (generally lower cost but limited range)



The Warehouse


SPECIALTY OUTDOOR (wider range but generally higher priced)

Bivouac Outdoors

Complete Outdoors  (Christchurch-based)


Hunting & Fishing



Yellow pages listing of camping supplies *

Yellow pages listing of sporting goods *



AUTOMOTIVE (general parts and equipment)



For brand-specific parts and service for your vehicle use the Yellow pages * 'What?' search field and type in the brand ie Holden, and your location to get a list of dealers and suppliers. 



* Yellow pages is a paid-for directory of businesses in New Zealand.  It is NOT comprehensive but is a start.  You may like to ask a local (person), who are generally only too pleased to help, for other business recommendations.

19 August 2014

Motorhomes and campers are a mode of transport worth considering if you are keen to have a little more freedom on where and when you require accommodation too.

Many iconic rental companies have closed / merged and diversified in the last few years in New Zealand, with there now being 3 main networks of hire companies, as well as the independents.

Here is a list of website links to make it easier for you to shop around.



Abuzzy (Auckland)

Affordable Motorhome Rentals *

Ascot Rental Cars

Bee Free Motorhomes (Nelson)

CNZ Camper Van Hire (South Island only)

Escape Rentals

Freedom RV

Jucy Rentals

Kiwi Auto Homes

New Zealand Motorhome Rentals

Scenic NZ Motorhomes


Sunrise Holidays

Tokio (ex Auckland)

Walkabout Rentals





Apollo Camper

Cheapa Campa

Hipppie Camper

Star RV



Alpha Campervans




Mighty Campervans

United Campervans



Budget Campers

Economy Rental Cars

Freedom Campers




There is often an opportunity to save a little on your hire if you are traveling in certain weeks of the year when there is less demand; you are relocating vehicles; you stay for longer; or through special package deals.  Not all companies will offer each of these but have a good look around at the websites above and you're bound to find something to suit.  

For those from overseas, if you do this at the time you are booking flights you may find that flying into a different airport fits in better with a relocation or special (often this is Christchurch if the majority of people fly into Auckland, hire a vehicle to drive to Christchurch and then fly out from there).



All these links are provided as a service to you.  NONE of them are affiliates or offered any kick-back to us for their listing here.  

* Friends of ours have rented motorhomes several times for group tours around the South Island, from Affordable Motorhomes.  As a result we have been in email contact with them ourselves, and I couldn't fault their genuine helpfulness and service.