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DIY Knifty Kaftan

Easy Kaftan Dress DIY


This week, I wanted to show you a pattern/DIY/tutorial thingie from my wardrobe. 

This kaftan/dress/tunic is flattering, versatile, and -most importantly- super easy.

Now, I originally got the idea and some instructions from the blog Sweet Verbena but when I had made a couple of them (I have had so many compliments on them too!), I observed that the steps were a bit loose, that it would benefit from them being more detailed.  I'm also quite a visual person, so I like diagrams. Don't get me wrong, I have altered things, so it isn't plaigerism, but that's where I started.

The basic explanation of the design is this: a rectangular pillow-slip that because of the fabric, drapes and hangs in a Greco-Roman manner, especially when belted. 1


You'll need:

Approximately 1-2 hours of your time

A calculator (not really necessary, but good if you're lazy, or it's too late to be thinking)

A tape measure

A sewing machine (or if you have a lot of patience, do it by hand - I made one this way, as our machine died)

A ballpoint sewing machine needle (pretty important)


Light knit material (Jersey to you Americans) 148/152 cm wide, probably about 1.5 metres (read tutorial to work out exactly how much, one of mine I only needed 1 metre)

WASH IT BEFORE USE. That way it gets rid of gunk and dust, and does any shrinking it needs.


Download the Knifty Kaftan tutorial PDF


This is my first go at a DIY tutorial, so there maybe bits I need to explain/display better. If you can't work out how I got what I did, feel free to ask in the comments below.




I realised after I made the PDF that all the sketches I drew had belts! I didn't include a tutorial for a belt though. Maybe I'll do one later.