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A man's got to eat


Unless you plan to eat out wherever you go, you'll need to know where to forage for food.


Beyond the supermarket's one-stop-shop (average prices), there are a variety of alternative and complementary places to pick up your dietary needs.


  • Green grocers / market gardens
Fruit and vegetables - often a combination of what is grown on the premises (in season) supplemented with what they can buy in.  Least expensive
  • Road side stalls
Anything that is abundantly grown on the premises whether private or commercial.  Fruit, vegetables and even flowers. Least expensive.
  • Local markets
Any food produce - fresh (ie market gardens and road side stalls) and processed (food stalls).  Average.
  • Ethnic grocery stores
Food commonly used in one or a variety of different cultures eg, Asian, Pacific Island, Indian... Average.
Any food produce - fresh (ie market gardens and local growers) and processed (brewed, preserved, cooked) from local artisans. Average to expensive.
  • Butchers
Meat, of course!  Average to expensive.
  • Bulk stores
Basic ingredients for cooking /baking
Prepared lunch foods & baked goods.
Average to expensive.
  • Farm or factory door sales
Commercial products manufactured/grown on the premises that often you are able to try before you buy. Average to expensive.
  • Dairies
Packaged and processed convenience foods, and milk.   More expensive.
  • Service stations
Packaged and processed foods, and milk.  Some have a hot beverages area / cafe.   More expensive.
  • Health food stores
Organic and speciality foods ie gluten free, lactose free etc. More expensive.
  • Epicurean / Gourmet
Exclusive (often imported, although also local artisian) food products, not available in mainstream stores. (Average to) Expensive.


Usually your green grocer / market garden, dairy, and service station will be open 7 days; your butcher, road side stall, health food, epicurean, ethnic grocery, bulk food stores, bakeries, farm & factory door sales weekdays and often Saturdays; and your local markets, farmer's markets only once per week. Asking at the local i-Site may be useful to find out where the weekly markets are.

Guten appetit!  Bon appétit! Enjoy!