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Oh no, Rush Munro!

Ice creams at Rush Munro's Ice Cream Parlour are an infrequent treat in our extended family so we don't know how long this sign has been up, but take a look for yourself...


[Snapped on a cellphone]

..did you see Frisbee's


So okay, I don't personally like the capitalisation of Rings either but have accepted that this is probably one craze that I am not going to be able to win.


Syntax Schmintax is an attempt to document, and make myself more aware of, the grammatical errors being made in advertising and marketing by organisations who in the main employ professional sign-writers and printers.  It is by no means an authoritative reference, and is only my personal opinion.  Feel free to chime in and comment, especially if you are one who has an English honours degree (which I don't)!