08 November 2012

Before all of the nitty gritty of finishing the house renovations, and sorting out insurances and utilities, I had focussed on the very real human aspect of jamming 7 people, aged infant to adult, into a confined space for hours on end.

How would we cope?

In a perfect world, there would be no whining, bitching, moaning and complaining. Bodily functions such as passing wind, burping, sneezing and bleeding could be controlled; and soiling, and bed-wetting could be cured.

Children would go to sleep when they were told, and each would humble themselves to extend grace and patience to each other, but that doesn't look as if it is going to happen any time before we leave.

This is where the idyllic meets reality.

These goals are NOT going to be reached before we go, but I am okay with that now. I have let go of the notion that they have to happen now and see the journey as an opportunity for growing as a family.

Since reading a couple of articles on Mummedia [Teaching children compassion and Teaching children generosity ] I have been ever more contemplative about children having too much choice today which in turn leads to less than grateful attitudes.  Perhaps having less will help.

Don't get me wrong Vega, Gemma, Castor and Pollux are all great children. They show independent thinking, good social skills and are praised by strangers, but there is still a gap between their attitudes and those I was brought up with and still value.

Somewhere in the melting pot of traditional and contemporary values will be a happy medium and one that will hopefully emerge more refined and stronger as we start our adventure into the great unknown.

Are you living in faith or fear?