15 January 2015

Sometimes we don't need to go far to appreciate art in nature - we just need to be ready and responsive.  This is what we saw one night...



Of course in real life the colours and the depth are so much more vibrant.


What beautiful things can you spot around you today?

30 October 2014

On our trip half-way across the North Island this week to check out a house bus we took an unexpected back-road detour ending up meadering up and down narrow windy roads and navigating rock falls spanning both directions.

As the driver I didn't get to take my eyes off the road, but Atlas managed to capture a couple of photos to show me afterward.  I reckon they are pretty spectacular.



02 October 2014

Some of the other shots we hurriedly took upon leaving Taniwha for the day were too good not to show you, so here is a second post indulging a mama's pride in what her family can do (except of course you are seeing these at a very low dpi and sadly they don't look as crisp).








Hawke's Bay