18 February 2014


I love what is being said in this video, and couldn't have responded any better myself.



What does a good life look like to you?

16 January 2014
  • What scares me most about the year ahead?
  • What would make me grin like crazy if I could say it at the end of this year?
  • What goals are within reach?
  • What are my non-financial priorities?
I borrowed these from the Man vs Debt community manager's post today, and thought that I would swing them around to focus on my non-financial goals for 2014.
[For those who haven't been introduced to Man vs Debt, it was started by Adam Baker who was determined to pay down his debt and take off overseas with his wife and first-born.  Part of their adventure was to NZ.  The website is now a place where people gather to be inspired to take control of their own debts and work towards financial freedom.]
  • What scares me most about the year ahead?
That we will still be living an ordinary life in suburbia; and that all my attempts to launch our family travel adventure had failed.
  • What would make me grin like crazy if I could say it at the end of this year?
That we had a mobile home / double decker bus that was just right for our needs and had an absolute blast travelling around the country.  More importantly though I would want to be confident and for each member to see the tangible manifestations that proved we bonded together strongly as a family.
  • What goals are within reach?
Phase one of finishing off our home for someone else to rent seems to be within financial reach.  There is a fine line between what you want and what you could do without especially when you don't intend to be there to enjoy it!
  • What are my financial priorities?
To have established a consistent independent income (so that we can continue to travel overseas.)
All this can be summed up in the word 'adventure', which was my response to Chris Guillbeau's tweet "Do you have a word or theme for 2014? (If so, what is it?)"
Adventure is about being bold, doing something exciting and unusual; even to venture uttering something.  
We are trying to do all three, and it is scary.  It is very much outside of our comfort zones.

Do you think about your (annual) goals? Which ones did you achieve last year?

24 December 2013

This post on the Cadbury Facebook page sparked a rare incidence of poetry. Enjoy!


Merry Christmas!  Happy holidays! May the new year bring you opportunities to live a life more fulfilled.