16 February 2014

Hey guys!

I apologize for the inconsistency of my posting, but I don't have constant access to a computer available, and sometimes I simply forget.


Todays' post is about something dear to my heart - music. This is often my escape, and a way to express my feelings in a relatively straightforward way.



In New Zealand there are about 70-ish stations, a few are country wide, but a lot are regional/amateur/university etc.

Frequency finder here

Some are available to stream here

We as a family listen to Life FM, but as our own musical libraries have expanded, we tend to listen less.

I enjoy NewstalkZB (talkback, sport, current affairs), and Radio New Zealand Concert (classical, opera, jazz, etc.) . I used to listen to Radio NZ National, but I prefer NewstalkZB for (often hilarious) un-politically correct views and opinion!

I have not researched the availability of overseas radio here, but I know that it is certainly an option with good internet access.


Free New Zealand music.

We have a lot of small bands that rarely get radio play, or the recognition that they deserve, and I think that is one reason I would listen to Life FM, as they actively encouraged the spread and advertisement of fresh, new music.

Take for instance Avalanche City; you might remember the song Love Love Love? Well that was them. Life Fm found that they/him (multi-instrumentalist Dave Baxter) had a free album. So they spread the word, people came, and soon he was playing on the big pop stations like The Edge.

Another thing that they do is the Kiwi Download, a free song every couple weeks or so.


My favourite bands; this simply can not be a complete list, as I am always finding more that I love!


David Crowder Band; specifically their album A Beautiful Collision.

Marianas Trench; I adore these guys' sound, it's so varied, from high-energy pop-punk, to heart felt ballads and violins. Josh Ramsays vocal range is incredible, and so is his hair. (To be honest, I saw his hair and decided to give the music a try - because occasionally I'm shallow like that.)

Anberlin; Sadly breaking up after releasing a final album at the end of the year, these guys really provided the music for my childhood, and I love them to pieces. We had the amazing opportunity to actually meet them back in Aug '13, and sometimes I can't fathom that it really happened. Started in 2002, they have 6 albums out to date, and I can safely say I know 85% of all the song lyrics. Their sound has changed over the years, mostly alt-rock, with Vital being their rockiest. Did I mention I love them?

Anchor & Braille; the side project of Stephen Christian (of Anberlin). This is my relaxation music, yet the lyrics are profound and meaningful.

mewithoutYou; an indie/alt rock band I stumbled across through their collaboration with Hayley Williams of Paramore on the track "A Foxes Dream of the Log Flume" They have an interesting sound that has spoken (sometimes yelled) vocals over rampant guitar, often in a form of poetry or allegory.

Regina Spektor; I adore her skill on the piano, and her witty, thoughtful lyrics.

Kimbra; our home-grown sweetheart, I really hope that she releases another album soon.  THERE IS A NEW ALBUM!!!! She just finished it a few days ago XD

Hurricane Kids; another NZ band, this power-pop group is upbeat and fun.

Linkin Park. If you don't know them, just look them up, they're a well known rock/rap group.

Fall Out Boy. Ditto.

Hmm. That's all I can think of at the moment, but I'll probably post this and then realise I've forgotten a band that you absolutely need to know!



Songs for the road; these are songs I think of when I think of traveling!

Jack Keroauc - Brooke Fraser

You Belong to Me - Jason Wade

Dare4Distance - Nevershoutnever

I Wonder If It's Me - Abandon Kansas

Strange Town - Neon Horse (awesome video BTW)

And for some reason whenever I hear Definitely Maybe by FM Static, it sounds like the soundtrack to a road-trip video y'know?


And lastly, I couldn't talk about NZ music without mentioning Parachute.

I think it's the largest Christian music festival in the southern hemisphere, and keeps getting bigger. Held in the end of January it attracts music lovers from all over, with local and international acts.

Aaaaaaand I've never been. #bucketlist


Well, it's a sweltering 32 degrees indoors, and I'm supposed to be looking after Kita.

So...Bye for now


New Zealand - North Island, New Zealand - South Island

What is the genre you enjoy the most? Have you looked for similar artists?