Who or what is Stellography?

Stellography is a place we share our stories, to encourage each and every family to 'reach for the stars'; to aspire to a goal together that strengthens them. Find what your family passion is and go with that.


Since going overseas when I (Electra) was an exchange student I have been touched by the concept that wherever we are in the world, we are never far away from those we love, if we are able to look up into the night sky.

The stars in it are what the ancients navigated our planet by – what led them on their journeys of discovery, and they are the same stars today that embellish the heavens and reflect down on the places that our friends and extended family are when we are apart from them.

So it is fitting that seeing this is our family travel site, we have chosen to embrace 7 stars in the majestic heavens as our identities.

Let me introduce you to the stars of the show:


I am a father to five, husband to one, and must be called a jack-of-all-trades, as am master of none!

My geekery is bound-less, as I have self taught skills in computer operating systems, applications, hardware, and programming...whilst never getting bored of what I do. These days I am focussed on the web programming in the open source stack of PHP, javascript, HTML, and MySQL.

My artistic side means that I can often be found frustrated behind a canvas, trying to realise the image that is in my head with oil paints.

I went gluten-free from December 2012 - September 2014, took a course of probiotics and am eating 'normal' food again.

There is a faith in Jesus that underpins my life, yet I am not religious; in fact I would prefer man-made religions went the way of the dodo. Your faith is between you and God, and not my business to judge. It is my job instead to love; not that I am a good example of my job!

This life journey for me is one of breaking down the barriers that impede me, including depression, and going on to share life with those God has graciously placed around me.

WANTS/WANTED TO TO VISIT: Switzerland, Denmark, Iceland, & Germany.




intelligent, organised, practical, creative & strong; mum, wife and person.

I keep wishing that I could spend more quality time being present with my children, and be able to give them choices and some extra opportunities in life that money could buy. Sometimes I wish that I didn't have to be so strong and could 'stop the world' so I could get off for a bit.

My desire for this trip is to be able to discover and blossom into more of who I am; and for our family to bond more positively with each other because a family is for life.

I hope to get more time to knit, sew, crochet, read, learn to play guitar, learn German, take photographs, and try new things. 

I've volunteered with a variety of community organisations since 1999, and served in positions as trustee, secretary, co-ordinator, chairperson, trainer/mentor & representative.

I like blue, sapphires, clean lines, the shape of roses, minimalism, & silver. I'm a first-born INTJ; who believes we need to watch what we put into our mind & body; and thinks that nanna knew a few things using baking soda and vinegar for cleaning.  I don't like 'boxes' or 'labels' unless they are genuinely helpful but understand it's easier for people if I use them.

My anthems at the moment oscillate between Kutless's "Winds of Change" and "Good to be Alive" by Jason Gray.

WANTS/WANTED TO VISIT: (Return to) Germany; criss-cross Europe.   Becoming fascinated by Andorra, Eastern Europe, South-East Asia and have always been entranced by Venezuela (perhaps it was the 'v' and 'z' in the same word ?!) .  Anywhere, everywhere, somewhere!



is our eldest daughter, who is soooo very creative. She is my (Electra's) right-hand-woman: - a competent cook & sibling-sitter when she is not finishing her home learning assignments, being forced to tidy her room or poring over fashion books or quality literature. Her current plans are to study Style / Fashion / Design.

WANTS/WANTED TO VISIT: Morocco, Turkey, Scandanavia, Ireland, & Central America.




is our youngest daughter, who shines when she wants to. She likes dancing crazily to awesome music, imaginative play, and eating. She has battled with health and well-being issues since she was 2 and a half.  One of her favourite places is on her bed reading a book (her favourites are mangas). She's a Glambert and is currently into scrolling YouTube for cat videos (mostly of them falling into pools).

WANTS/WANTED TO VISIT: Greece, Rome, France, & Italy.




is our middle son. He likes Lego, playing outside, making noise (which includes bodily functions), and riding his bike. He doesn't like tidying his room.  He thinks he is a really funny person and likes to make jokes.

WANTS/WANTED TO VISIT: England, Italy, Spain, Singapore, & USA.



is our oldest son. He is considerate, and thoughtful; likes Lego, and playing with toys. I am not sure whether he would have a clean room if he was on his own or not.  He is good at calculating numbers; and likes the fact that we are going on the road.  He wants to make friends on our trip; and likes making jokes too.

WANTS/WANTED TO VISIT: Greece, Rome, France, Italy, Spain, Singapore, & USA.



The youngest boy and baby of the family. He is growing and developing at an alarmingly rapid rate – discovering new skills and aspects of his environment daily. We all love him to pieces, and he has brought out the best in his siblings too.  He is happy wherever there is food; planes, diggers, tractors or anything else with wheels on it.



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